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FixMyRecipe delivered this amazing meal for the Charlotte, North Carolina area, sponsored by Lowes Foods.

1 lb Chicken breasts, split, skin removed
1/4 cup Onions,chopped
1/2 cup Vinegar
1/2 cup Water
1/4 cup Tomato paste, no added salt
2 Tbsp Ketchup
1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 Tbsp Brown sugar, packed
1 Tsp Yellow mustard
1/4 Tsp Ground cayenne pepper (optional)

Remove skin from chicken and set aside. Combine all other ingredients in a small saucepan. Turn to medium high heat and simmer for 15-20 min. Allow sauce to cool for 5-10 min. Place chicken into a non-metal pan or bowl and brush it generously with sauce. Heat outdoor grill to medium heat. Place chicken on grill, brush again with sauce and close cover. Grill for about 20 min, turning every 4-5 minutes and brushing again with sauce.

Test the doneness with a meat thermometer: 170 degrees is done. Do not overcook.