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Welcome to FixMyRecipe.com!

November 12, 2008

FixMyRecipe.com is here to help with you with your recipes! Our Fix My Recipe Chef will help you hone your culinary skills with proven cooking techniques as he answers your questions about ingredients, new products and cuisine.

It's hapened to all of us. You follow the recipe to the letter, and still, it's not quite right. Is the recipe incorrect? Did you do something wrong? What in the world could be causing your culinary clunker?

Too much flour, not enough starch, temperature too high... there can be so many causes, and that's where Fix My Recipe Chef Billy Parisi of Chicago, IL marches in to save the day.

Here, he will tackle the recipes YOU send for SOS, and he will demonstrate how to make your recipes turn out as they should.

Stop by every day and see if your recipe is the featured recipe of the week!